What is Mochi? Preferred topping for frozen yogurt & shaved snow ice

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What is Mochi?  Mochi Frozen Yogurt Topping, Mochi Shaved Snow Ice Topping, and Bubble Tea

Why is Mini Mochi a good topping?

Mini Mochi is a great topping because it’s chewy and creates a unique flavor experience.  Customers are sure to enjoy the light chewy texture, that compliments other flavors very well.    Our Mini Mochi toppings are found as Frozen Yogurt Toppings, Bubble Tea add-on sales, Ice Cream Toppings, and with other frozen desserts.  It provides a nice sweetness that is enjoyable, while not being overbearing.

What are Mini Mochi made out of?

Mochi are made out of rice cake.  Each one is covered in a thin powder to prevent sticking, which helps to make it perfect as a topping or as a standalone product.

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Where’s it from?

Mochi are originally from Japan and are commonly enjoyed during a ceremony called mochitsuki and it was known as a food of the gods.  It was adapted in Taiwan to be miniaturized and enjoyed as a Shaved Snow Ice topping and with a glass of green tea bubble tea. While Mochi is most popular throughout Asia, it’s been growing in popularity across the United States.  

Mochi Prep for toppings

Our Tea Zone Mini Mochi require no cooking or preparation.  It comes prepackaged and 100% ready to be used. We carry two different varieties, the original mochi flavor and a delightful rainbow mixed flavoring that includes Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, and Honeydew.  The rainbow has the added benefit of bringing a burst of color to your desserts.

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Tea Zone Distributor

The Mini Mochi is manufactured by Tea Zone.  They’re one of the most reputable companies manufacturers of bubble tea supplies, frozen yogurt supplies, and shaved ice supplies.  Restaurant Supply Drop distributes all Tea Zone products across the United States. Everywhere from Dallas and Houston to Washington DC and Manhattan.

Restaurant Supply Drop also does custom printed frozen yogurt cups, custom printed ice cream cups, standard frozen yogurt bowls, and all the other items you need for your store.

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