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Your Top Choice for Paper Straws Bulk

Restaurant Supply Drop is America’s choice for buying paper straws bulk.  Your go to provider for disposable supplies that are environmentally friendly.  If you need a few cases all the way up to 5,000,000 straws, Restaurant Supply Drop is here to assist you.  

What different options of paper straws wholesale do you offer?

There are  some different varieties for you to choose from.  For standard size paper straws wholesale, we offer striped and plain white.  We also have a variety of paper stir sticks for coffees and other hot beverages.  

Does paper last the same as plastic?

No it does not.  Paper straws can eventually get soggy if they’re left in drinks for a long time, but customers are quickly getting used to this.  If you’re in an area that customers haven’t seen this, it can be a source of surprise, so we just want to make sure you’re aware. Usually it takes at least 15-20 minutes before this happens. If this isn’t acceptable for your business, we also offer a full line of PLA Straws, which are environmentally friendly with a texture close to standard plastic.

Environmentally Friendly Wholesale Paper Straws

Looking to save the environment by using paper straws?  Great, us too! We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  In addition to offering compostable lines of most disposable products, we offer ‘regular’ products that are recyclable, made of post consumer products, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certified Manufacturer.

If you need an option to be in compliance of new laws banning plastic straws and other plastic items, then we’re here for you. These wholesale paper straws are perfect for keeping your store in line with plastic straw bans across California, Washington, and other localities in the US. We have a team that’s more than happy to direct you to non-plastic items that will help your restaurant to grow.

You can order online or call a friendly customer service rep at 310-988-2144