Kraft Wrap | Deli Paper | Kraft Paper Sheets

What are Kraft Wrap sheets used for?

Kraft Wrap sheets are commonly used to wrap sandwiches or subs.  These can be found in donut shops and bakeries for grabbing display items.  Plus these can be found in many quick service restaurants as basket liners.

Convenient Deli Paper

Our Deli Paper is made to make things quick and easy for you.  Pre cut to a length of 12” x 12”, these are made for food service professionals to quickly grab and wrap - no need to mess with cutting paper for every sandwich, pastry, or basket to line.  

Kraft Paper Sheets & White Paper Sheets

We have these in two different colors. White and Kraft paper sheets, allowing you to select the one that works best for your branding or use.  Don’t forget these have custom print options as well.

Easy Basket Liners

These are super easy to use as basket liners.  Since, they’re precut, your team can quickly and easily grab one in a quick service environment. Since these are grease resistant you don’t have to worry about leakage.