Plastic Forks Bulk & Individually Wrapped Plastic Forks

Plastic Forks Bulk Packs

These forks are perfect for restaurants, stadiums, QSR’s, and anybody serving food!  Plastic Forks Bulk packs come in boxes of 1,000. Restaurant Supply Drop is your source of everyday wholesale pricing and only serves clients that buy in bulk for their business.  Since we only handle wholesale orders, we’re able to bring you the most economical pricing.

Colors, Heavy Duty Weights, and Individually Wrapped Plastic Forks

Forks aren’t known as having too many styles, but we carry 25 different forks.  Our individually wrapped plastic forks are great for takeout orders. For colors we have white plastic forks, black forks, and even orange forks.  We carry heavy duty forks and other fork weights starting at medium weight all the way up to extra heavy weight. We’re passionate about our forks, so you can be passionate about your food

America’s Supplier of Bulk Forks

Restaurant Supply Drop is an American based supplier, right out of Los Angeles.  We’re able to provide you the best prices on bulk forks because we only serve wholesale accounts.  We have warehouses in Los Angeles, Dallas, Raleigh, Seattle, and New York City. This lets us deliver to you fast, so you can focus on running your business.