Biodegradable Plates & Compostable Plates

Let’s keep our oceans clean, contribute less to landfills, and work on being more eco-friendly together!  Our compostable plates are one of our newest items that can be fully composted. We’re committed to the environment and try to stay up to date with the newest in environmentally friendly restaurant supplies.  Every year we make an effort to add green products to our offerings. We also make our “standard” products recyclable and Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified (SFI), but the true gem is in our compostable line, including our biodegradable paper plates. With our eco friendly plates we can save the environment, one meal at a time!

Compostable Plates to Save the Environment

Our biodegradable plates are helping to save the environment with every meal that’s served on them.  Every time we make the decision to use a compostable plate is a step towards saving the environment. Not only are these fully compostable and certified by BPI, but they also don’t use any trees since they’re made out of Bagasse.

What are Bagasse Biodegradable Paper Plates made from?

They’re actually made out of Bagasse! You may be saying “I’ve never heard of Bagasse, what’s that?”  Bagasse is a fully renewable resource made out of sugar cane fibers that are left over after making sugar.  This makes them one of the best eco-friendly item to use. There are no petroleum-based products like plastic.  These are more than recyclable, they’re compostable. There are no trees being cut down to make these, so buy them guilt free.

Don’t forget to tell your customers that you’re using eco friendly plates!  They care about the environment and they want to know that you’re taking action to keep the world beautiful for generations to come.