Torani Sugar Free Syrup | Sugar Free Torani

Why choose Torani Sugar Free Syrup?

Torani Sugar Free Syrup is chosen for its rich taste, low calories, and wide selection of flavors available.  The rich taste is adorned by customers everywhere from Seattle Coffee Shops to cafes in San Antonio. Being able to provide a low calorie option is essential in this day and age.  Customers are demanding an option that provides top tier flavor while cutting down on calories. Torani has a wide selection of flavors available in sugar free, almost every regular syrup has an option that allows you to offer every menu option with a sugarless version.

What is the sweetener in Sugar Free Torani?

Splenda is used to give Sugar Free Torani a sweetness, so there’s virtually no taste difference between the standard version and sugarless.  The SF Torani option allows your coffee shop to offer the widest selection of drinks in both standard and low calories.

Is the SF Torani option more expensive?

No!  The SF Torani doesn’t carry a significant price increase and is usually comparably priced.  As a wholesale cafe supplier, we’re here to provide you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.  We only handle wholesale orders to keep our prices low, unfortunately that means we only work with business accounts and cannot handle small consumer ordes.  If you’d like any help in getting your order started, reach out to our customer team at 310-988-2144.