Dried Boba Tapioca Pearls

What are dried boba tapioca pearls?

Tapioca pearls are produced from the cassava root, which after being extracted leaves a starch that is formed in to balls. It doesn’t matter if you call them pearls, bubbles, or orbeez, they’re all the same name for tapioca boba!  These are a must have for every bubble tea shop.

How fast do dried boba tapioca pearls cook?

We get this question a lot, in part because most boba pearls take over an hour to cook!  Our standard Tapioca and Grade A Tapioca pearls take about an hour and ten minutes from starting to cook to ready to serve.  We also have our instant 10 tapioca boba, which is made so you can quickly cook in just 25 minutes, making these perfect for when your store gets an influx of customers.

What's the difference in boba pearls?

If you want to separate yourself from the competition you need your store to stand out.  We offer a variety of dried boba tapioca pearls to help you do that. As the American leader in tapioca pearls, we carry five varieties: standard, Grade A, white, instant 10, and tiny tapioca. Our tiny tapioca is a great solution for helping you to stand out, these can even be used in tapioca pudding or put in bubble tea drinks like the other sizes.  Our white tapioca can add some color to drinks and have a very similar taste to the standard tapioca -- feel free to soak these in honey for an added sweetness.  The Grade A pearls are made slightly differently and provide a more high class bubble tea taste. Our standard tapioca pearls are found in shops across the United States bringing the taiwanese tapioca taste to cities across the US.