Popping Pearls | Bursting Boba

Popping Pearls

Looking for a great way to add a flavor to a drink?  Popping Pearls are perfect for adding fun and a flavor burst to any drink or as a topping on FroYo and shaved ice.  This is commonly found in bubble tea shops and dessert shops, but others have been known to use these in baked goods and with savory dishes too!  These require no preparation and can be served straight from the jar.  Measuring 3/8" diameter, taking a bite into these will add fun to your flavor!

About Bursting Boba 

Bursting Boba has flavored juice inside a transparent bubble.  The bubble is made of a seaweed extract, but provides a sweet juice in every bite.  Customers love the flavor, texture, and the novelty of biting into these juicy pearls. No prep required, just open the jar and serve straight from there.  If you'll be saving some for others days, just make sure you store it properly in a sealed container (could even be this jar).