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Soup Kettle Supplies and Options

Grab a ladle and check out our soup kettle options!  We carry a few different options that are widely versatile and can easily be matched to your intended usage.  

Our stainless steel option can make for an ideal display on buffets and anywhere else - it holds 9 quarts of soup since it’s electric, it simply has to be plugged in and it’s ready for use.  Our black soup pot makes for a unique display at grocery stores and behind the counter at quick-serve restaurants or in the back of the kitchen. This one holds 11 quarts and is electric, making it easy to use.  

Atosa Soup Warmer & Bulk Catering Equipment

When thinking of your Atosa soup warmer options, keep in mind that Atosa only manufactures the highest quality appliances and small wares. These items come with a   warranty, directly from Atosa. While we chose to carry Atosa due to their high quality and economic price point, our customers love them due to their reliability and long product life.  Atosa is well respected in the food service industry due to their product quality, great customer service, and wide availability of repairs.

Wholesale Soup Kettle Grill & Supplies

Restaurant Supply Drop is America’s choice for wholesale soup kettle grill supplies. We only carry the highest quality products while delivering them to you at a budget-friendly price point.  Since we only work on wholesale orders, we’re able to give you the best price possible. We carry everything you’ll need for catering equipment and buffet supplies. If you need any help starting your order, give one of our friendly sales reps a call at 310-988-2144.

You can find our soup warmers in supermarkets, quick serve restaurants, cafes, fine dining establishments, and anywhere else serving great soups.  Shop with confidence that you’re getting a great price and great service!

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