Oyster Pails | Buy Chinese Takeout Boxes

What size Oyster Pails do you have available?

We carry 4 different sizes of Chinese Takeout Boxes, these are the most popular sizes used.  Our 8oz and 16oz sizes are popular for rice, sometimes shops will use the 26oz for fried rice dishes.  Most places will use either the 26oz or 32 z sizes for entrees, but it all depends on your needs. All of our Chinese Takeout Box cases have 450 food pails. Whatever your needs are, Restaurant Supply Drop is here to support you.  Some people call them oyster food pails while others call them Chinese takeout boxes, whatever you call them, we're sure to have the right one for you.

Your One Stop Shop for all your Chinese Takeout Boxes

Restaurant Supply Drop has all the Chinese Takeout Box items you need.  In addition, we have Fold To-Go Boxes, Takeout bags, Chopsticks, Cutlery, and all the other paper supplies you’ll need for your restaurant.  Remember we do a lot of custom print projects projects too. Feel free to reach out to a Chinese take out boxes specialist at 310-988-2144.

Are the Oyster Food Pails Recyclable?

Yes! Our Chinese takeout boxes are fully recyclable.  We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Most of our regular lines of products are fully recyclable.  We also try to offer a variety of items that are recyclable, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified (SFI Certified), and bio based.