Hot Fudge & Chocolate Sauce | Dessert & Coffee Caramel Sauce

What are some of the popular brands of Caramel and Chocolate Sauce?

We carry all the top brands for Chocolate Sauce and Caramel Sauce!  We carry the top brands including Torani, Ghirardelli, Hollander, Davinci Gourmet, Monin, and 1883 Maison Routin.  Each brand has a distinctive taste, which blends well with different flavors in your drinks or desserts. Our two most popular chocolate syrups are from Hollander and Ghirardelli, but that’s no surprise since these two iconic brands are famous for their chocolate!  When picking a chocolate and caramel syrup, it’s important that you work with your existing flavors to compliment them.

Can these also be used as a Hot Fudge Sauce?

The difference between our Hot Fudge Sauce and Chocolate Sauce is that the Ghirardelli milk chocolate hot fudge is thicker and very rich.  The chocolate syrups can certainly be used as an ice cream topping, but there can be a difference in consistency. Everything comes back to the flavor profile you’re creating because while hot fudge sauce is thick and decadent, some ice cream parlors prefer to use the Hollander chocolate syrup instead as to not mute the flavor of the ice cream.  Whether you choose a classic hot fudge or to use a chocolate syrup, it’s sure to keep your customers happy if you invest the time in tasting your options!

Is there a difference in using these for Dessert & Coffee Caramel Sauce?

Nope!  There’s no difference in using dessert & coffee caramel sauce.  Our carmel sauce is regularly used as a topping on coffee drinks in cafes and as a dessert topping in ice cream shops, frozen yogurt shops, pie shops, and bakeries across the country.  Since we offer a wide variety, it’s up to you to choose the one that works best for your store. Some of these can be used as squeeze bottles, while others are designed to use a syrup pump.  

If you have a question about our selection of Chocolate and Caramel items, give us a call at 310-988-2144.  We’re here to help!