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Your Choice for Wholesale Paper Bags

We’re proud to be your first choice for wholesale paper bags.  We take pride in our bags and strive to deliver you the best quality while still delivering the most economic prices.  At Restaurant Supply Drop we’re a wholesaler that only works with restaurants, QSR’s, and other businesses looking to buy in bulk.  This allows us to bring our bulk pricing to you. Shop assured that you’re getting the best prices without sacrificing quality.

Recyclable To Go Bags

We take our environmental seriously, even with to go bags.  As a California based company (right by the beach near Los Angeles), we want to do everything we can to keep our environment beautiful and our oceans free of trash. With an eco friendly mindset, most of our “regular” items are actually fully recyclable.  We also have an even more eco friendly line of supplies that are compost friendly, biobased, or bio-degradable.

Carry Out Bags Wholesale One Stop Shop

You need carry out bags wholesale and all your other disposable items.  Why go to a bunch of different places to get everything, when you can go to just Restaurant Supply Drop.  We have all the containers, boxes, and utensils that you can possible need for takeout food packaging.