Compostable Food Containers | Eco Friendly Food Containers

We’re the leader in Compostable Food Containers.  These are frequently used as frozen yogurt cups, hot noodle bowls, poke, side dish containers, and ice cream cups.  We have one of the largest selections of biodegradable restaurant supplies, so whatever your needs are, we’ll have it in stock!

Your Source for Compostable Food Containers

Our Compostable Food Containers come in four different sizes ranging from 4 oz to 16 oz.  These can be printed in plain white, with our “One Earth” stock printing, or for an additional charge they can be upgraded to be printed in a custom design.  Whichever you select, you’ll get a great high-quality product, help to save the environment, and getting a fair price in the process.

Eco Friendly Food Containers to Save Planet Earth

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  With that in mind, our “standard” products are recyclable and our eco friendly food containers are able to be composted.  The compost items are certified as BPI, Cedar Grove, and CMA compost friendly, so there are plenty of facilities that help biodegrade these.  The team at Karat Earth and Restaurant Supply Drop strive to change the world by changing the impact that our eco-friendly food service packaging has on the environment and oceans.  Since our headquarters are located on the ocean in California, we have a special appreciation for our oceans and take every opportunity possible to try to save them.

Restaurant Supply Drop is known throughout the industry as being an environmentally friendly wholesale supplier.  We work with everyone from frozen yogurt shops, to ice cream franchises, to large hotel brands. Whatever your needs for our biodegradable food containers, we have a perfect solution for you!  Want help starting your order? Give us a ring at 310-988-2144.