Biodegradable Take Out Boxes | Biodegradable Food Containers Wholesale

Want to run an environmentally friendly food service business? We’re here to help, we have a wide variety of biodegradable take out boxes.  Restaurant Supply Drop tries to leave the smallest footprint possible on the environment -- that’s why our “regular” products are recyclable and our eco friendly restaurant supplies are biodegradable.  

Biodegradable Take Out Boxes

We carry a variety of eco friendly takeout boxes.  Some restaurants prefer our hinged containers, which come in PLA plastic or bagasse.  The difference between PLA plastic and bagasse is that PLA is a compostable material that’s very similar to plastic in its appearance.  Bagasse is made out of sugar cane fibers and has an appearance that’s closer to that of paper. Now, this allows us to deliver a wide variety of biodegradable products since we can deliver eco-friendly paper and plastic products, or at least that’s what they look like.

We have everything you’ll need for biodegradable restaurant supplies since we carry hinged containers, paper food containers, plates, bowls, paper straws, and eco cups! We can help make your entire restaurant eco-friendly, just browse our selection.

Biodegradable Food Containers Wholesale

Restaurant Supply Drop delivers biodegradable food containers wholesale across the country!  We’re your single source for bulk biodegradable food packaging. Since we only work with wholesale orders for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and food trucks, we’re able to deliver the best economical prices for our environmentally friendly paper products.  You can shop assured that you’re getting the best price possible.

We care about our environment and have been a leading supplier of some of the newest environmentally friendly food packaging.  Since we’re on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly products, you’re able to get the newest advancements to help save the earth.  If you have a question about eco friendly restaurant supplies, give our team of pros a call at 310-988-2144.