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Food Trays Disposable and Recyclable

We’re an eco friendly restaurant supplier.  With the environment in mind, most of our products are either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable.  These are food trays disposable, recyclable, and ready to use!

Can these be used as Nacho Boats, Hot Dog Holders, or Concession Stand Trays?

Yes!  These are commonly used as nacho boats, food truck packaging, hot dog holders, concession stand trays and much more.  We deliver these everyday to fairs, stadiums, food trucks, hot dog stands, concession stands, and other.

Grease & Leak Proof Disposable Food Boats

These disposable food boats are designed to withstand everything.  Have a sauce that you want to put over food? Perfect, these are designed to handle liquids.  Want to use it as a fry container or with chicken tenders? No worries, this has a grease proof lining designed to keep food, grease, and sauces inside the container.