Disposable Bowls & Restaurant Plates at Wholesale Price

Restaurant Plates for Sale

Need disposable plates and bowls?  We offer every type of restaurant plates for sale that you need!  We carry plastic salad bowls, paper salad bowls, injection molded bowls for hot soups, recyclable rice bowls, and compostable bowls.  

Whole Sale Plates for Catering

Our Whole Sale Plates for Catering have an elegant scalloped design that's perfect for everything from weddings, birthdays, parties, and other special occasions.  These come in a variety of sizes and can be used as catering appetizer plates, catering dessert plates, and catering entree plates.  Whole sale plates for catering are available in black or white.  

Compostable Restaurant Plates for Sale

Our compostable plates and bowls are an eco-friendly substitute for styrofoam.  The compostable plates and bowls are made of Bagasse, which is created using sugar cane fibers, these fibers are left over from extracting sugar.  They are strong, but can easily be composted.  Many areas are starting to ban styrofoam at QSR's, so this is a great way to adapt to new laws.  These are microwave safe, strong, and can also add to your stores branding as eco-friendly!

Recyclable Restaurant Plates Wholesale

Our recyclable plates and bowls come in all different shapes and sizes to match all your needs.  All of our plates & bowls meet national recyclable guidelines.  Need some help deciding on which plates or bowls are best for you?  Pick up the phone and call a knowledgeable rep today at 310-988-2144.