Wholesale Toilet Paper & Bulk Industrial Toilet Paper

What facilities are the wholesale toilet paper designed for?

Our toilet paper is conveniently designed to be used by all types of businesses.  We carry a few different types. One are the standard rolls that you would find in your homes bathroom.  The other type we carry are the giant type that you would find at stadiums, office buildings, and in widely used facilities.  In addition to the TP rolls, we have the dispensers for them too. Whatever your bathroom needs, Restaurant Supply Drop has exactly what you need.

Do you sell standard sized rolls of bulk toilet paper?

Yes!  We do carry bulk toilet paper for standard sized rolls. These are the rolls that you would expect to find in your bathroom at home, just a whole lot more of them.  These are sold in packs of 48 to provide you the best wholesale discount. Each roll has its own individual paper wrapper.

Since we only service wholesale accounts, we’re able to offer our lowest prices online.

Do you carry large industrial toilet paper?

Yes!  We carry the large industrial toilet paper rolls.  These are the types of rolls that are in airports, stadiums, and large buildings.  These jumbo tissue rolls are 9” and provide our standard 2 ply paper. We also carry the holder for these too.  This is a solution for customers having very heavy bathroom traffic and allows you to go along time between changing rolls.

Restaurant Supply Drop has everything your restroom needs from paper towels to hand soap and dispensers.  If you need help finding something, give one of our knowledgeable reps a call at 310-988-2144.