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Can I put foil containers with cardboard lids in the oven?

Yes, depending on the temperature.  You can definitely put the foil containers in the oven, but we don’t recommend temperatures about 500.  Our plastic lids should never go in the oven. Our paper board lids can go in the oven so long as temperatures are below 300 degrees.

Can I recycle a Foil Container?

Yes! Each Foil Container is made to be recyclable, even the lids are recyclable.  Restaurant Supply Drop is an environmentally friendly company that tries to leave as small of a footprint as possible. As such, we offer lines that can compost, others made out of biobased materials, another line that degrades naturally, and our standard line of products that fully recyclable.

What’s the difference in the lids for Aluminum Containers?

We have two different lid types for each sized Aluminum Containers.  We offer a paper board lid, which is flat and has a foiled side to it.  We also have our OPS Dome lid, which is made out of plastic and is a domed.  Both work great, so choose based on your needs and the type of food you’ll be selling.