Pregel Frozen Yogurt Mix | Pregel Ice Cream Mix

PreGel Yoggi - Frozen Yogurt Mix

Our PreGel Yoggi is a base commonly used for making Frozen Yogurt, some other applications include soft serve, gelato, and pastry fillings.  The Yoggi has the perfect taste for a base for any yogurt items, this allows it to be easily flavored to your liking. It’s suggested to use our Tea Zone Syrups or powders for flavoring.  

PreGel Fruttosa - Ice Cream Mix

PreGel’s Fruttosa is a great choice as an ice cream mix, ideal for making fresh sorbetto, gelato, soft serve, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.  The taste is fairly neutral allowing you to flavor to your liking. It has a texture that is creamy and will display very nicely. This base is able to be used with milk or water depending on the taste and texture you prefer.  In addition to the milk or water, you’ll have to use something like Tea Zone powders or syrup to reach your desired taste.

Who is PreGel?

PreGel is an Italian manufacturer of bases for high quality dessert products.  PreGel develops some of the highest quality supplies for Gelato Shops, Sorbetto Shops, and other Ice Cream Shops.  They’ve also developed some of the top products for pastries and FroYo Shops. PreGel products can be found in dessert shops across the world!

Restaurant Supply Drop is a wholesale distributor, so we work directly with ice cream shops, frozen yogurt shops, ice cream truck suppliers, grocery stores, stadiums, and other dessert sellers.

Do you have a question about PreGel products?  Give one of our helpful dessert reps a call at 310-988-2144.