Boba Sealing Machine | Boba Tea Sealer Machine | Bubble Tea Machine Sealer

What does a Boba Sealing Machine do?

They create a seal over cups using a plastic film.  This vacuum sealed cup helps to truly create the bubble tea experience.  Pair this with our diagonally cut straws for a great customer experience.  

Bubble Tea Machine Sealer vs Boba Lids

The Boba Tea sealer machine is a great alternative to lids and saves money in the long run.  Lids cost an average of 3 cents, every seal costs less than 1 cent.  This means that using sealing film will save you money in the long run, even though it requires an upfront investment.  

Ring Size and Sealing Film

These come with different sized sealing ring.  The sealing ring is corresponds to the size of your cup.  So, if your cup diameter is 95mm, you'll need our 95mm ring.  If your cup size is 98mm, you'll need the 98mm ring.  The machine works with either PP or PET sealing sealing film, but you'll have to get the type that works with your cups.  PP sealing film will only work on PP cups.  PET Sealing Film will work on either PP or PET Cups.

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