Compostable Forks | Biodegradable Forks Wholesale

We love the Earth.  We want to do everything we can to keep it looking beautiful for generations to come.  With that in mind, we’ve taken to advancing our compostable forks. It may sound small, but advancing the restaurant industry to the newest technology and processes in composting makes a big impact on the environment.  

Compostable Forks for Restaurants

Our compostable forks are BPI Certified, which is a highly sought after certification for environmentally friendly products.  It means that these can be composted in industrial and certified facilities. This helps to remove tonnes of plastics out of our landfills every year.  Over the lifetime of your restaurant, you could have a huge impact on the environment, just by using our eco-friendly Karat Earth line of products.

Our forks are made out of PLA, which is a very sturdy plastic alternative.  We only use the highest quality products, so our fork weight starts at medium heavyweight.  

Biodegradable Forks Wholesale Supplier

Restaurant Supply Drop is one of the top suppliers of eco friendly forks, our biodegradable forks wholesale pricing can be found below.  Since we only work on bulk orders, we’re able to bring you the most affordable prices. These are perfect for food trucks, quick serve restaurants, takeout supplies, and other restaurants that try to be eco-friendly!

If you have any questions give one of our helpful customer service reps a call at 310-988-2144.