Wholesale Catering Supplies

Need disposable catering supplies? We have a solution for every disposable catering item you need!  Any plastic item you'll need for catering we're sure to have. 

Plastic Serving Utensils

We carry a wide variety of plastic serving utensils.  Need plastic salad tongs?  We have them.  Need large catering forks and spoons?  We have them.  Need different sized plastic serving tongs?  You guessed it, we carry three different sizes of serving tongs!  

Plastic Catering Glasses

We have three different varieties of plastic catering glasses, plus don't forget to check out our separate selection of plastic cups.  We have plastic cocktail coupes perfect for mixed drinks, but also used for champagne.  Need wholesale plastic wine glasses?  We have them, and they're perfect for white or red wines.  Looking for plastic champagne flutes?  We have them and will deliver them quickly to your doorstep.  Whatever wholesale catering supplies you're looking for, Restaurant Supply Drop is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Plastic Catering Plates

Our plastic catering plates are scallopped in an elegant design that's sure to keep your clients happy.  These are sturdy, fancy and are a top of the line product.  The plastic catering plates come in three different sizes perfect for apps, entrees, and desserts.  Choose black or white to match your party's style.

Chafers and Aluminum Steam Table Pans

We carry a full line of chafing dishes for buffet service.  These chafers are an ideal solution for any catering looking for buffet supplies.  We carry buffet chafers in a variety of sizes and styles.  Our aluminum steam table pans are available as half or full length and in three different depths.  Whichever your preferred buffet serving styles, we have all the supplies you'll need.

Wholesale Catering Supplies Questions?

Have a question about any of our wholesale catering supplies or buffet supplies?  Pick up the phone and give one of our friendly service reps a call at 310-988-2144.  Don't forget to get our like linen napkins, plastic utensils, coffee cups, and more!