Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce | Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips & Hot Cocoa

What’s most popular Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce or Caramel?

Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce & Caramel Sauce are some of the most delectable items we carry!  Both of these have similar uses in coffee drinks like frappes, mocha lattes, hot cocoas and other coffee topping uses.  Both of these are found as a topping in frozen yogurt shops, ice cream shops, and as a dessert drizzle across the country.  Ghirardelli is sure to add their signature rich flavor, while providing a strong visual appeal. Coffee Shops and Desserts shops across the country have grown to embrace Ghirardelli due to their commitment to creating rich tasting sauces.

What are some of the uses for Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips?

Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips and Chunks are used as dessert toppings, coffee toppings, and in bakeries.  One of our favorite tasting uses for this is as a milkshakes add-on, the chocolate chips add a full chocolate flavor to milkshakes.  These are a fan favorite as a frozen yogurt topping and in ice cream shops. Bakeries will use these Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips to add to muffins, create chocolate croissants, add to donuts and many other bakery items.  Known for their rich taste, these are sure to help your desserts and drinks stand out!

What different flavors of Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa do you offer?

Restaurant Supply Drop carries every flavor of Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa.  Our favorite is the original chocolate flavor, this can be used with milk or water.  Be sure to also check out some of other favorite premium chocolate beverage mixes: Ghirardelli sweet ground chocolate & cocoa powder, Ghirardelli sweet ground white chocolate flavored powder, Ghirardelli chocolate frappe & white chocolate frappe mixes.  Ghirardelli is the go to for adding a kick of chocolate to premium beverages or desserts.

Ghirardelli is a brand that’s popular among consumers and that has grown in popularity across ice cream parlors, cafes, and others serving premium beverages and desserts.  Shop assured that you’re getting one of the most economical prices for this fine brand.