Custom Coffee Sleeves

Custom Coffee Sleeves

Coffee sleeves are a must for any restaurant or café that sells hot beverages. While we all love to warm up with a hot drink and kickstart our days, nobody enjoys having their hand scolded and spilling latte down their tops!

Coffee sleeves look out for your customers and help them to enjoy their drinks safely, improving the overall experience greatly.

So why not get even more from these simple supplies by branding them as well?

The Difference a Logo Makes

Branded restaurant supplies help to make any business stand out while also being much more memorable. By adding your brand to your products, you help to create that association. And if your customers enjoy the drinks and food you’re serving up, then hopefully that association will be a positive one!

In short, you can use branded restaurant supplies to ensure that your customers feel good whenever they see your logos. And by doing that, you can increase your sales. What’s more, is that by making sure more people see your logo, you can make sure more people hear about your great business!

Coffee sleeves are perfect for raising brand awareness in fact. Why? Because coffee sleeves are mainly used when customers take your drinks to go. That means they’ll be using them in public where more people can see your logo and that way find out about your business.

Better yet, a coffee sleeve is a significantly smaller and more affordable item to print as compared with a coffee cup – but can have the precise same impact. With sleeves you can turn any standard cup into a branded item that will get your customers talking!

Our Promise

At Restaurant Supply Drop, we are passionate about what we do. We go the extra mile to ensure all our supplies look professional, polished, and high quality. That way you can rest assured your supplies will reflect on your business in the best possible light.

Not only that, but by offering supplies in bulk, we can help restaurants to make huge savings. Take a look around the site to find out more, or get in touch if you have any questions.