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Shop our wide supply of Commercial Refrigeration.  We have many different styles of refrigeration units to choose from.  We have refrigeration units that are open-faced so customers can see items inside varying in sizes from one to two doors - these have glass sliding doors or doors that open out.  We also have refrigeration units in chrome that have between one and three doors, the doors on these units open outward. We have reach-in freezers that vary in size from one door to three doors, all of these have doors that open outward.

Commercial Refrigeration Experts

Restaurant Supply drop is one of the leading distributors of commercial refrigeration units.  We supply everyone from restaurants and hotels to stadiums. We’re here to help you every step of the way.  Since we’re a wholesale provider we have high-quality industrial products at economic prices. We’re your one-stop shop for all your fridge needs.  

If you need some help choosing the right item, you can always give one of our helpful service reps a call at 310-988-2144.

Atosa Refrigeration Promise

Atosa Refrigeration Units are trusted in the kitchens of top chefs.  Atosa offers warranty’s on most products, with most fridges having two-year parts & labor warranty and a five-year compressor warranty.  With a warranty like that, it’s no wonder Atosa’s one of the top brands on the market.

We trust Atosa with our refrigeration needs because they have a strong reputation for manufacturing reliable products, with beautiful designs, long lasting parts, and budget-friendly prices.

We deliver Atosa products daily everywhere from restaurants in Minneapolis to hotels in Orlando and even stadiums in San Diego.  If you’re in the Continental United States, then Restaurant Supply Drop will deliver directly to your door.

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