Bubble Tea Straws

Browse our wide selection of Bubble Tea Straws. Diagonally cut straws work great with the ET-99 Plastic Cup Sealing Machine, Bubble Tea Cups, and plastic sealing film.  Flat Cut Straws work best with lids. We have all the bubble tea supplies that you'll need, so don't forget to add some  Tapioca and Bursting Boba.  We're your one stop shop for bubble tea supplies.  Buy now or call 310-988-2144. 

Boba Straws Wholesale Styles

Colors: Clear, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Striped, or Assorted. 10mm. 9", 7.5", or 5.75". Diagonal Cut. Flat Cut. Poly Wrapped.

Bubble Tea Straw Distributor

Bubble tea straws are great for any Bulk Plastic Straws are needed by every restaurant, juice shop, and bubble tea shop.  These are great for bubble tea, but also really good for drinks with add-on toppings like jelly toppings and fruit bits.