Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix | Gelato Mix Wholesale

What types of Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix do you have?

We carry three different brands of Soft Serve Ice Cream, Dole Soft Serve and Frostline Soft Serve.  Frostline Frozen Desserts are famous for their traditional ice cream shop flavors of Vanilla and Chocolate.  While these are a necessity to supply for most dessert shops, it’s still a good idea to have a different taste, perhaps a signature that your store is known for.  That’s where Dole comes in! Yes, it’s the same Dole that’s known across the world for their pineapples and bananas. Dole makes delicous soft serve flavors that aren’t your classic Vanilla and Chocolate.  Dole makes Pineapple, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Orange, Raspberry, and Strawberry flavors that are sure to please your customers.  PreGel Fruttosa is a very flexible base because it can be used to make Gelato, Sorbet, Soft Serve, and many other items -- you can work with our flavoring powders and syrups to create signature desserts.

How can I get Ice Cream Mix Wholesale Pricing?

Restaurant Supply Drop has everyday wholesale pricing for all of our products, including Ice Cream Mix.  Since we only work with ice cream shops and other quick serve restaurants, we’re able to keep our pricing down.  That means we only work with resellers and have a low order minimum. We help to keep your costs low so you can focus on bringing your customers back for more!

If you want some help or the inside scoop for Ice Cream Mix Wholesale pricing, call us at 310-988-2144.