How To Start Your Own Bubble Tea Business?

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How To Start Your Own Bubble Tea Business?

Bubble Tea or Boba Tea or Pearl Tea has obtained a cult following nowadays. The comforting taste with the amazing sensation of Boba Tapioca Pearls is one of the major contributing factors towards its reputation. Alongside the taste, the benefits of boba tea for heart health and the immune system, are some other reasons why people are crazy for boba.

According to the survey conducted by Foursquare in 2015, there has been about 190% of customers pacing towards Bubble Tea Shops.

Beholding the magnetism that boba tea has in people’s minds, one thing is pretty certain that no Bubble Tea Business can experience a downfall unless the quality of Bubble Tea is compromised.

So, if you’re willing to take advantage of this raging craze for Bubble Tea by trying your hands in the Bubble Tea Business, then here you can know the intricacies of “How To Open A Bubble Tea Shop”. So, dive into the points below and take a closer look at the various aspects to be a successful Bubble Tea Shop owner.

STEP 1 : Research The Bubble Tea Business

You can’t start any business just “out of nowhere”! You will need realistic ideas and a practical business image in mind to start a Bubble Tea business. For this, you will have to seek out some existing and successful Bubble Tea Shops. Thus, the very first step on how to open a shop is, visiting various Bubble tea shops and recognizing their distinctive successes.  Do they offer a local twist to bubble tea?  Some shops in the south use sweet tea instead of traditional tea. 

STEP 2: Define Your Vision

Another crucial factor that will define the success of a Bubble Tea shop is your vision. Undoubtedly, your dreams are big and you have already imagined your café to be up and running. But what would help in making your dreams come true is a clearly defined vision. From helping you to pick a name, choosing the perfect location, and settling on the apt décor, your vision will help in all!  Are you choosing a trendy shop?  Then you’ll need trendy decor, a trendy name, and a trendy location.  Are you choosing to create a traditional shop?  Your decor, name, and location should reflect more traditional values.

STEP 3: Pick The Perfect Location

Now that you have a vision for your Bubble Tea shop, the next step in the process is to find the perfect location. The location of your coffee shop will be a determining factor for the number of customers visiting your coffee shop. So, when you look for the location of your coffee shop, make sure you take into account essential factors like demographics, competition, traffic, neighboring businesses, and costs involved.  In some areas having a boba tea shop across the street is a bad idea.  You want a location that will be convenient for your customers to get to. 

It will serve you well to have a location that is already on your target customers path.  Every area is different for what this means.  In some towns it can be a matter of having your location on main street.  In other towns there may be a few shopping plazas that work best.

STEP 4: Find The Best Bubble Tea Equipment Supplier

Finding an authentic and dependable Bubble Tea Equipment Supplier is the key to any Bubble Tea shop’s success. So, it is immensely important for you to pick the right Bubble Tea Equipment Supplier. You’ll need a supplier that is experienced in bubble tea, so you don’t waste time, money, and effort on supplies that aren’t going to work. If you face trouble finding a reliable Bubble Tea Equipment Supplier, you can approach the supplier that deals in Restaurant Catering Supplies. 

STEP 5: Choose The Right Bubble Tea Equipment And Disposables

The next and the most important step towards opening a Boba Shop is the purchase of the equipment and utensils. Buy the most essential stuff like  Bubble Tea scoops, Bubble Tea Cup Sealing Machine, and Bubble Tea Cups. Also, don’t forget to buy the most prominent elements of Boba Tea i.e. Boba Tapioca Pearls, Popping Pearls, Bubble Tea Jelly Toppings, and Tea Zone Syrup. You can easily get all these things online from us as your Bubble Tea Catering Supplies provider.

STEP 6: Boba Tea Shop Design

The design of your Boba Tea Shop will be a major contributing factor in drawing customers and alluring them for a comeback. Ensure to select the theme, storefront’s design, lighting, décor, paint, and ambiance of your boba shop based on the taste of your customer base. For a professional touch, you can also take the assistance of an interior design professional.

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STEP 7: Hire And Train The People

The progress of any business depends a lot on the proficiency of the team behind it. So, when opening a Bubble Tea Shop, make sure the employees you hire are competent in their jobs. Other than this, make sure the employees know the intricacies of hospitality and provide great treatment to your customers.  If you find a trustworthy manager that’s good at their job, then you should take special efforts to keep them as an employee.  Your employees can help your business succeed, so make sure you take the time to find the right people.

STEP 8: Market Your Café

Another significant factor towards the success of your Boba Tea Shop is the type of marketing strategy you’re using to promote it. Nowadays, social media platforms give abundant exposure to new businesses. From spreading the word-of-mouth of businesses to endorsing new offers and even taking the news of new add-ons in the menu to the customers, social media platforms do it all!  It may be helpful to have one of your employees help with social media.  If you find someone that’s good on social media, then use their talents to help your business grow.

Besides this, you can make use of other various options offline like leaflets, brochures, pamphlets to make people aware of the opening of your Bubble Tea Shop.

STEP 9: Make It Grand

A slow opening can result in lackluster results for your cafe. Thus, the onus is on you to make people aware of the opening of your bubble tea shop.

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To put a long-lasting first impression on your customers, you can make use of the custom-printed Boba Tea Catering Supplies.

So, this was a course-of-action you can follow to open your Bubble Tea Shop.

If you’re facing any difficulty in searching for the right catering supplies for your Boba Tea shop, then look no further than Restaurant Supply Drop. We have a broad collection of the best quality Bubble Tea Catering Supplies. Visit our website to browse through our collection today!

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