Disposable Toilet Covers & Bulk Toilet Lid Covers

Do disposable toilet covers come in different sizes?

Nope, disposable toilet covers come in a one size fit all!  This makes it easy and simplifies making a choice, since there’s only one size.  Each package comes with 250 toilet seat covers that are easily flushed in all toilets and are sump pump safe.

Are these compatible with all toilet seat cover dispensers?

Yes!  These should work with all toilet seat cover dispensers.  Since all toilets are about the same size, there’s a standard size for these.  If you have a specialized designed dispenser, let us know and we’ll double check for you.

Are toilet lid covers safe for flushing down the toilet?

Yes!  Toilet lid covers are perfectly safe to flush down the toilet.  These are degradable and fully flushable. You don’t have to worry about these messing with your plumbing.  

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