Compostable Plastic Cups & Eco Biodegradable Plastic Cups

What are Compostable Plastic Cups made from?

Our biodegradable plastic cups are made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), this is one of the most common environmentally responsible plastic substitutes.  That’s because it’s derived from renewable resources including corn starch and sugar cane, where’s regular plastics are made from nonrenewable petroleum products.  Since PLA is derived from plant-based resources, it is called a bioplastic. Due to the low glass transition temperature, these are perfect for cold beverages, but like regular plastic cups it’s not made for coffee or hot beverages.

What certifications do your biodegradable plastic cups have?

Our compostable plastic cups have certifications from some of the most sought after composting certification boards, this is because we’ve worked hard to push our products towards zero waste.  Not only are these compostable, but they’re also recyclable. Some of certifications for these eco cups are from BPI, Cedar Grove, and CMA-I. Our Karat Earth Cups only use NatureWorks Ingeo PLA plastic, which is one of the highest regarded PLA manufacturers in the world.

More information about our eco plastic cups.

Our eco plastic cups come in five sizes, ranging from 3 oz to 24 oz.  These come in both clear and with our stock print that informs your customers that you’re using environmentally conscious products.  Our biodegradable lids come in four different options standard (with a straw hole), standard no straw hole, dome with a straw hole, and domed without a straw hole.  So we have all the options you need to meet your store's cup needs.

Together we can help save the planet, one compostable cup at a time! Every step we take towards reducing landfills is a step in the right direction.  Give one of our eco-friendly restaurant supply specialists a call at 310-988-2144.