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Why use Compostable Coffee Cups?

Our Compostable Coffee Cups have been produced as an extremely responsible environmentally responsible option.  Most of our competitors' cups are made using petroleum-based cup liners, which makes it unable to compost. Our use PLA which is derived from corn starch and makes them fully compostable hot cups. In addition to all this, making PLA lining emits fewer greenhouse gases in comparison to regular plastic lining with standard coffee cups.

What certifications do your Biodegradable Coffee Cups have?

Our biodegradable coffee cups have certifications from all three of the major certification boards!  

These are certified by BPI, which is North America’s largest certifier of biodegradable packaging.  For our compostable hot cups to become certified they were independently tested and verified using scientific standards. BPI sets the bar for diverting and recovering compostable items through industrial and local composting facilities.

Our biodegradable hot cups have been certified as Cedar Grove Accepted.  This means that Cedar Grove composting facilities will accept this and push us towards our goal of zero waste.  Cedar Grove has 20 facilities that serve as receiving and composting facilities.

Our final certification is from CMA, the Compost Manufacturers Alliance. CMA serves municipalities across the country and has the highest standard in composting.  We have a CMA-I Certification for eco-friendly coffee cups.

Eco Hot Cups Options

These cups come in a few different options.  Our white print comes in five different sizes ranging from 4 oz to 20 oz, allowing you good size options from small compostable espresso cups, through to large cafe cups. These are also available in our stock print of One Earth stock print.

To gain the maximum environmental impact, it’s advised to have these sent out to a compost facility for quick processing. Remember to stock up on compostable coffee lids too! Every cup composted drives our goal of saving the environment and moves us towards a zero waste world!