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How many sizes of Clamshell Containers do you have?

We have 5 sizes of clamshell containers for you to choose from.  Some are great for pastries and others are perfect for full takeout meals.  Our 9 x 9 and 8 x 8 are great for complete takeout meals, whereas 6 x 6, 9 x 6, and 9 x 5 are ideal for single dishes, pastries, or other small items.

What compartment configurations do you offer for your Plastic Clamshell?

All of our plastic clamshell packaging have one compartment, but we also make bagasse clamshells that have 3 compartments.  If you need help deciding what works best for you, call one of our pros at 310-988-2144.

Can I recycle the disposable food containers?

Restaurant Supply Drop is an environmentally friendly company, so we try to make all of our Disposable Food Containers as eco responsible as possible.  Most of our “regular” products are fully recyclable and our eco-friendly lines take it to the next level by being able to compost. Our plastics are able to be fully recycled and our bagasse is able to compost!  

Is the Clamshell Packaging Clear?

We offer two varieties of clamshell packaging.  We have a clear variety and a paper variety that isn’t clear.  It’s your choice!

What are these plastic clamshell containers made from?

Our plastic clamshell containers are made out of PET, which is polyethylene terephthalate.  These are top of the line food grade plastics that allow more of the product to be recycled than other plastics.