Restaurant Hair Nets | Bouffant Hair Net | Food Service Hair Nets

Nobody likes finding a hair in their food or beverage.  If customers are finding hair in their food, there’s no way to make them happy.  It’s gross and easily preventable. Our food service hair nets are specially designed for restaurants.

What types of restaurant hair nets do you carry?

There are two different types of restaurant hair nets and we sell both of them!  The first type is the standard hair net, also called a bouffant cap. It’s worn over ones head to protect the hair from falling in food, these are made out of a breathable material and come in one size fits all.  The other type that we have is called a beard cover. These are great to prevent facial hair from falling in ones food.

Are we legally required to wear food service hair nets & beard covers?

Many states require hair nets and beard covers to be worn in restaurants.  It’s key to keep food safe and free of stray hairs. We don’t know the food safety laws in your areas, so check your local health code to ensure compliance.  

We think hair nets and beard covers are always a good idea when working with food.  Check out our supply of restaurant gloves and other supplies.

Keep your customers happy and hair free with our hair nets and beard covers.

Why is it called a bouffant hair net?

Bouffant simply means to puff your hair out in a round shape.  So a bouffant hair net is a rounded hair net.  This is the standard hair net in the restaurant industry, but is also used for industrial uses and on assembly lines. Whatever your use, it's easy to choose our one size fits all beard nets and bouffant hair nets.