How To Make Boba Or Bubble Tea At Home?

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Not getting enough Bubble Tea? Not always able to run into a bubble tea cafe and grab a cup of Boba Tea? We have got you an option! How about the idea of having your hands-on making Bubble Tea! Then, you can have a cup of Bubble Tea whenever you feel like it!

We have put together the comprehensive information you will want to make bubble tea at home. Dive in to know everything about homemade bubble tea in detail!

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea, Boba, or Pearl Milk Tea is a single tea with different monikers. It traces its roots from Taiwan,  paced its reach to South East Asia, and is now taking the rest of the world by delicious storm. Its Taiwanese name is zhenzhu naicha.  It is a go-to chunky beverage of Taiwan and has also got a cult following in Asia, North America, and Europe.

What is Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls?

The Bubble Tea consists of tapioca pearls composed of starch, an extract of the South American Cassava Plant. They are white, hard, and tasteless pearls that are boiled and steeped in sugar caramelized syrup for a prolonged period until they transform into black, springy tapioca pearls. These marble-sized pearls can be found in a variety of shapes and colors.

Things Required to Make Bubble Tea

Boba Tea is an easy-to-make go-to beverage, especially when you have Boba Tea Tapioca Pearls handy. You can get the Boba Tea Tapioca pearls online. Apart from Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls, you will need disposable catering supplies to serve the Bubble Tea. You can easily find all this stuff from a wholesale store of Restaurant Catering Supplies. Besides this, you will also need sugar, fruit juice, milk, honey, and tea leaves to prepare Homemade Bubble Tea.  It may sound like a lot, but lots of these tea supplies are found right in your home.

When are Boba Tapioca Pearls at their best?

Boba Tapioca Pearls give the best flavors within a few hours of cooking. During that period, they hold a unique sort of tenderness, softness, and chewiness. Even after few days of cooking, they remain soft and chewy but after it, they become crunchy and hard gradually.  This means that you should use them as soon as possible, but it is possible to still enjoy a tasty beverage the day after making the tapioca boba.

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How to make Bubble Tea at Home?

Rich, sweet, and immensely satisfying! It's no wonder why Bubble Tea is liked by all! Its creamy texture and intense flavor are a real temptation for its lovers.

Ever get cravings for Bubble Tea at crazy hours? Have you ever wished for a cup full of Bubble Tea at midnight when everyone else is sleeping? The good news is, it's pretty simple to make Bubble Tea at home!

Let's get to making our Bubble Tea, grab your favorite syrup, a packet of tapioca pearls, disposable catering supplies from an online store of restaurant catering supplies, and get started!

Boba Tea Recipe At Home: Learn once, Enjoy Forever

Step 1:

Up, first, cook your Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls

Get 2 cups of water for 1/4 cup of Boba. Boil the water and add the Boba Pearls into it. Continue boiling the tapioca pearls until they start floating to the top of the water.

Note: This process requires patience.

At first, it may seem nothing is happening. But as the Boba Tapioca Pearls will float on the top of the water, you will realize that Boba Tapioca pearls have turned soft and chewy.

Step 2:

The next step of our process is to make the sugar syrup.

Boil about 1/2 cup of water on a stove or microwave.

Now slowly add 1/2 cup of sugar to the water.

Continue stirring slowly as the water turns into translucent syrup.

Your dry sugar will gradually dissolve into a liquid.

Keep the solution aside to cool.

Step 3:

Once your water has been converted into a local translucent syrup.

Again boil 1 cup of water on a stove or microwave.

As per your preferred tea taste, add 1 bag of teabag to water for regular tea taste and 2 for rich tea taste. Keep it for 15 minutes and then set aside to cool.

Step 4:

With the help of a strainer or slotted spoon, drain out the Boba Tea Tapioca Pearls and put them in a bowl or container.

Now pour the sugar syrup on the cooked Boba Tea Tapioca Pearls until all the pearls get submerged.

Leave them for 15 minutes to let the pearls absorb the syrup.

Step 5:

Now add the sugar syrup absorbed tapioca pearls into the freshly prepared chilled tea.

Step 6:

For a creamy and rich taste, add some milk to the tea.

Step 7:

For a fruity taste, top the tea with fruit juice.

Step 8:

Enjoy your first homemade boba tea! Don't forget to serve it to your friends and family as well.

Things to Remember While Making Homemade Boba Tea
  • Always boil a small amount of Boba Tea Tapioca Pearls. Although you can refrigerate them, they will become hard gradually.
  • Consider buying bubble tea tapioca pearls and disposable catering supplies from a bubble tea store or a store that deals in wholesale catering supplies at cost-effective prices.
  • Gently add sugar to the water. Pouring it all at once can take up more time.
  • To multiple the fun, always share your Bubble Tea with your friends and family members.
Final Words

Now that you've learned how to make bubble tea at home, don't delay and prepare your first cup of Bubble Tea today.

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