Wholesale Tea Leaves | Bulk Tea Wholesale

What types of wholesale tea do you carry?

We carry lots of wholesale tea!  Our two favorite brands are Tea Zone and Harney & Sons.  Tea Zone is known for their more traditional Asian blends, including: Green Tea, Black Tea, Golden Milk Tea, Premium Jasmine, Red Tea, and Oolong.  These are flavors commonly found in bubble tea shops and other places serving Asian styled tea. All of Tea Zone Teas are loose leaves, so it’s great for brewing large batches at once. This is ideal for anybody serving a large amount of tea like for iced tea, bubble tea, or other mass brews.

Harney & Sons carry cafe favorites.  Everything from traditional teas like Assam & English Breakfast to flavored teas like Raspberry Herbal Tea.  Harney & Sons carry every type of tea you could use. These are all wrapped individually, so they’re great for offering bulk tea or for offering tea in a coffee shop.  The ability to brew each cup individually keeps you from wasting tea on large brews and allows you to offer a multitude of options for your customers.

Both Tea Zone and Harney & Sons are American brands.  Tea Zone was created in California and has quickly grown to be a favorite brand.  Harney & Sons was created in New York. Both brands provide high quality options in their niches.

Your one stop shop for bulk tea wholesale!

Restaurant Supply Drop is your one stop shop for bulk tea wholesale!  We carry everything you’ll need for tea service. From satchels of tea to loose leaf teas we carry all the tea varieties you need.  We have everything you’ll need to brew tea from large tea brewing pots to leaf strainers, we have what you’ll need to help your cafe or tea shop run smoothly.

Restaurant Supply Drop is your choice of tea distributors! If you have a tea question, give our tea pros a call at 310-988-2144.