Catering Supplies Checklist

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Catering Supplies

A lot needs to be taken into account to run a restaurant or a coffee shop business successfully. For this, the job of creating the restaurant catering checklist holds utmost importance. Here’s the list encompassing the must-have restaurant catering supplies to ensure the seamless operability of your restaurant.

Be it big or small, every restaurant or café requires catering supplies. From disposables, refrigeration units to janitorial supplies, utensils, and many things need to be given a separate column in the catering checklist.

 A catering checklist has to be kept handy to ensure no utensils or equipment is left behind. Not limited to the internal restaurant proceedings, the catering equipment checklist can also help efficiently plan and organize an event outside the restaurant.

If you’re facing difficulty in preparing the catering equipment list for your restaurant business, then you’re at the right place. Here you will get a complete introduction of the items you’ll need for your restaurant or an off-site event:

Consider the Table Settings

The tables are the focal point of any restaurant or café. Hence, it is imperative to give a unique column to the table décor and the items placedon thetable on the restaurant supplies checklist.

Here is the list of items which you can consider for your restaurant’s or café’s table:

  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Glassware
  • Dinnerware
  • Flower Vases
  • Candleholders and Candles

Disposable Catering Supplies



Disposable catering supplies are the heart and soul of any restaurant business. Depending on the items on the menu, you should include disposable catering supplies that have disposable plates, disposable cups, and more. In addition, it would be a good idea if you considered buying wholesale catering supplies from the wholesale restaurant catering supplier for a cost-effective deal.

As disposable catering supplies are easily stored - buying them in bulk will not help you refrain from the hassles of everyday buying but will also help you save a significant amount of bucks, especially with the current ongoing shortages of restaurant supplies.

Here is the list of disposable catering supplies you can include in your printable catering checklist:

  • Disposable Paper Coffee Cups
  • Disposable Plates
  • Disposable Bowls
  • Paper Cold Cups & Lids
  • Ice Cream Cups
  • Straws
  • Catering Utensils
  • Kraft Paper
  • Paper Cups & Lids

To-Go Packaging Supplies



With the surge in popularity of online food ordering apps, to-go packaging has become a key element in the restaurant industry. Hence, you mustn’t forget to include them in your restaurant catering checklist.

If you’re perplexed on what sort of to-go packaging may help to safely and efficiently deliver the food to your customer’s place, then here’s what you need to buy:

  • Clamshell Takeout Boxes
  • Aluminum Foil Containers
  • Fold To-Go Boxes
  • Deli Containers
  • Paper Food Buckets
  • To-Go Bags
  • Kraft Paper Bags
  • Meal Prep Containers

Janitorial Supplies

The cleanliness inside your restaurant determines whether or not the customer will visit your restaurant the next time. Therefore, it is imperative to give special attention to the hygiene of your customers inside your café.

To ensure the safety and hygiene of your customers, you need to incorporate janitorial supplies inside your restaurant. If you’re unsure about what sorts of janitorial supplies you can include in your checklist, then here’s the list for your help:

  • Bulk Paper Towels & Commercial Paper Towels
  • Wholesale Toilet Paper & Bulk Industrial Toilet Paper
  • Disposable Toilet Covers & Bulk Toilet Lid Covers
  • Cleaners
  • Commercial Toilet Paper Holder & Dispenser
  • Bulk Face MaksFor Restaurants

Eco-Friendly Catering Supplies

If you want to make your restaurant or café stand out, you can consider using eco-friendly catering supplies. On the one hand, where it will pose no threat to the environment, on the other hand, it will help to develop an environmentally conscious image of your restaurant in front of your customers.

If you liked the idea of incorporating eco-friendly supplies, you could include the following items in your checklist.

  • Compostable Bagasse Hinged Containers
  • Biodegradable Plates & Compostable Plates
  • Compostable & Biodegradable Bowls
  • Compostable Utensils & Bio-Based Cutlery
  • PLA Biodegradable Straws
  • Compostable


Now that you have a catering checklist, you can consider the comprehensive catering supplies you need for your restaurant or café.  There wouldn’t be any future remorse of leaving anything behind with our catering supplies and buffet equipment list.

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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. For better information about the Restaurant Catering Supplies, consult a certified professional.

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