Compostable Knives & Bulk Biodegradable Knives

Compostable Knives - Cutting Is Now Eco Friendly

Our Compostable Knives are on the cutting edge of eco friendly cutlery.  Sorry, we had to make the pun! Our knives are made from renewable resources and BPI Certified as compost friendly.  While we were making knife puns before, we’re actually quite serious about the environment. That’s why we make a point to upgrade to the newest innovations in eco-friendly restaurant supplies.  Every year there are advances in making the most environmentally friendly products, even knives.

Shop for Bulk Biodegradable Knives

Restaurant Supply Drop is committed to the environment and to serving our clients across the country.  We are a wholesale supplier, so for knives, we only carry bulk biodegradable knives. With us, you can rest assured that you’re getting a budget-friendly price for all of your restaurant supplies.

Restaurant Supply Drop’s headquarters are in beautiful Marina del Rey, so we get to see the beauty of the earth, but at the same time, we see the harm that’s been done by people not recycling and not using eco-friendly supplies.  We’re committed to keeping our oceans and the world clean. If you want to take a slice out of environmental waste, call us to get your order started 310-988-2144.