Paper Cups and its varieties: How to Choose the Right One for Your Cafe

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Pepper Cup

Are you planning to quit your regular job to start your concept coffee shop in the heart of the city or a suburban area? If you’re serving food, apart from having a wonderful team of chefs and cooks you need appliances, cutlery, and accessories to make your cafe more interesting, user-friendly, and organized.

The demand for hot coffee and cold coffee is high. The idea of starting a coffee house with bakery items can prove beneficial in the long term. Once you have decided what you want to serve your customers the next step is to decide how to serve them.

Choosing the right type of cups and cup jackets is essential for any cafe business. It ensures the delivery of better taste to your customers. Here, we are sharing different types of disposable cups available in the market, their features, and how choosing the right one makes your business more profitable. Customize the cups and serve delectable coffee in a wonderful way to your customers.

Before exploring the cups you must understand what kind of cup you really need for your business. Now the market offers many options like traditional hot cups, eco-friendly cups, innovative design cups, or practical cups. Choose the one that suits your purpose and take the next step.

Disposable Cups are available in materials like plastic, paper, or foam. Among all the available options paper coffee cups are high in demand due to its eco-friendly materials, price, and customization. This highlights some popular paper cups that can go well with your cafe and restaurant business.

Pepper Cup Insulated Hot Cups: The invention of air pocket insulated cups has made paper cups more useful and practical. Many people find it difficult to hold a paper cup with hot content, and they often use a double cup to reduce the effect of heat. But with the air pocket, it becomes easier to keep the content hot without burning the patron’s hand. Such cups mostly have the inner sheet and outer sheet separated by a layer of air for insulation. It maintains the beverage’s temperature and delivers an original taste.  It eliminates the need to carry cup jackets.

Paper Cold Cups

Paper Cold Cups: Fragile paper cups have now become more commercial. The paper cup with polymer coating provides better insulation to the paper cups and makes it more suitable for cold beverages. Poly-coated with double layering adds more rigidity to the cup. The double layering also helps in controlling “sweating” that occurs due to condensation. Available in various sizes and colors they can be easily customized. Let your guests enjoy soft drinks or cold coffee in this trendy paper cup.

Eco Friendly Coffee Cups

Eco Friendly Coffee Cups:  If your business wishes to raise the flag for the welfare of earth, then eco friendly cups can prove to be the right choice. Some of these cups are made of post-consumer fibers, to provide environmentally friendly options. Perfect for serving hot beverages, these cups use less virgin paper which adds to their being environmentally friendly.

PET Plastic Cups: Like poly-coated paper, the PET Plastic Cups also provide extra rigidity to the cup and are less prone to leaks and absorption. Its tightly rolled design ensures worry-free and leak-proof drinking. The PET Plastic Cups are recommended for serving cold beverages like soda, ice tea, lemonade, milkshake, and more.

Apart from cups, you will need a lot more items to offer a perfect dining and cafe experience to your customers. Restaurant Supply Drop can help you in choosing a wide range of coffee store supplies. Here one can find custom plastic cups, custom printed food containers, disposable cups, coffee cup accessories, plastic cups with lid, bubble tea cups, and more. In short, the store provides items like cups, glasses, and containers for packing and delivering foods and beverages, but apart from coffee supplies here, one can find syrups, powder mixes, canned dessert toppings, jellies, Mochi, and more items to make your cafe more interesting for the users.

If you are planning to start a coffee shop or managing a hotel and catering business, then you must be aware of how crucial storage units, utensils, cutleries can be for your business. With the right suppliers, you can give your business a perfect start. Get in touch with us or request a quote for the coffee shop supplies and find out how the store can help you in finding the right items for your cafe/ restaurant.

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