The 10 Best Restaurant Promotion Ideas

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No matter how much you have spent on your restaurant, if people do not know that it exists, you will not get new customers and it will prevent your restaurant from having a meaningful presence.

If you’re looking for restaurant marketing and advertising ideas to grow your restaurant business, then you’ve landed in the right place.  We have some great tips for you.

Having been in the restaurant supplies industry for a long time, we have met many talented restaurant owners who are amazing at what they do. They may be among the best in their niche but still struggle to build up the right customers and make their restaurant profitable.

It shouldn’t be this way. A restaurant business can, and should, be profitable.

As a restaurant owner, you need to concentrate on not just preparing delicious food, but also telling the public that your restaurant exists. You need to communicate to people that you don’t offer cheap meals, but offer the food that’s worth paying extra.

To help you promote your business, we’ve pulled together a list of proven restaurant marketing strategies and restaurant promotional ideas.

  • Carry-Out An Event or Partner With A Local Team

Organize or partner with local sporting events, concerts, or festivals near your restaurant. This will help drive business and generate awareness of your restaurant to a much larger audience. To set a long-lasting impression on the minds of the audience, besides providing unsurpassed treatment, give them mouth-watering snacks and drinks in custom printed containers and custom cups.

  • Celebrities

You can highlight your restaurant in the neighboring areas by calling-in a famous celebrity or even just a local celebrity like an athlete or someone from the local news.  There’s a reason why lots of famous restaurants have photographs on the wall of celebrities that have stopped by. 

  • Charity Events

Though it can be expensive, partnering with a charity can give you great results and help to bring awareness to your restaurant. The plus of the celebrity event with the charity can allow you to show your community that you care about society and work for a good cause.  This can be done through programs where you give a charity a certain percent of sales for a few hours a day, this will help convince the charity to promote this event to their followers.

  • Celebrate The Special Days

Whether it is  Halloween Night, Veteran’s Day, Friendship Day, or a New Years Eve, never forget to create the ambiance of your restaurant to coincide with the holiday. It would not only symbolize the creativity in you but would also present your restaurant to be a fun place for the audience.

For Ex: Suppose it’s National Bubble Tea day on April 30. Then you can decorate your establishment and put signage throughout your store and your menu with an exclusive Bubble Tea.  Besides this, you can adorn your restaurant with banners and stickers of Bubble Tea, Boba Tapioca Pearls, etc.

  • Loyalty Offerings To Loyal Customers

Your patrons should have a sense that you are paying particular attention to your loyal customers. You can delight your regular and most-frequent customers with a loyalty offer, like a buy 10 teas, get 1 free punch card. You can retain them and encourage long-term business by offering rewards, coupons, or even advanced released products.  Several platforms through which you can offer a rewards program are apps, membership loyalty credit cards, punch cards, automatic rewards systems and databases, and receipts.

  • Deals

Deals are a crucial part of the restaurant promotion strategy. Research indicates that restaurants experience an increase of 50%  in sales during “Happy Hours” and “BOGO.”

PRO TIP: Use the data collected in your POS to formulate which deals work better, and what you can improve on. Before implementing one, don’t forget to investigate the deals from a business perspective and a customer perspective.

  • Bundling The Menu Items

Offering a high priced item that rarely gets purchased as a sampler size to encourage tastings.  Offering a fixed-price menu with one or two extras that someone usually wouldn’t buy adds up the average check price - it allows you to sell desserts at the beginning of the meal, before your guests are full.

Examples: Offering a coffee with caramel sauce with the least served filet-o-fish sandwich at discounted rates.

  • Get Them In The Doors

This marketing strategy is implemented for driving customers in your restaurant. It is done by offering discounts on items that can’t be eaten alone like soups, snacks, etc. The irony behind this marketing strategy is that a customer who gets inside the restaurant for the discount would eventually buy other items and end up adding extra items to their check.

  • Community Times

Promotions that help a community in some way or the other are always helpful in generating business. You can support local or nearby organizations either by profit sharing or by utilizing your restaurant premises.  This is common to do with local colleges or high schools.  You can run a happy hour saying that half of the profit sales would help the local sports team or the music band of your community.

  • Buy in Bulk and Upsell

You can take advantage of wholesale shopping while promoting your restaurant. You can utilize the discounts obtained from shopping disposable paper coffee cups, to-go packaging, bowls, plates, janitorial supplies, etc. from a wholesale supplier of restaurant supplies by giving discount offers or free products to your customers. The nice thing here is to know the average amount that someone typically spends on a particular item, and then offer a small discount when they agree to pay a bit more.

  • Launches and Openings

Suppose you started with a typical restaurant whose menu was confined to soups and snacks but now you’ve incorporated commercial refrigeration like Atosa Refrigeration or Bubble Tea Machine to serve drinks and coffees to your customers, you need to promote these launches.

Now that you’ve already invested in incorporating various elements, spread the word about it on the banners, social media platforms, flyers, etc. and encourage them to try the new launches.

These were some of the promotional ideas you can implement to generate additional profit for your restaurant business.

If you have any questions or comments related to these marketing ideas, please contact Restaurant Supply Drop to find the answer to your question. Other than this, if you require plates, disposables, cutleries, or different sorts of Restaurant Supplies at reasonable prices, look no further than Restaurant Supply Drop. We sell a comprehensive range of restaurant supplies, equipment, syrups, sauces, etc. at wholesale prices.

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