How Restaurants Should Innovate During COVID-19?

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How Restaurants Should Innovate During COVID-19?

Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll in the US, especially on the restaurant industry. Now when the alert level 3 is approaching, every sort of business is coming up with new ways to keep afloat.

If you are running an independent restaurant, cafe, or bakery and want to again take the honor of serving hungry customers, then you should understand that it’s the high time to innovate your working strategy.

You have to go that extra mile and think about more than just satisfying your customers' taste buds with luscious dishes. Now you’ll have to show that you care for their safety & hygiene and are practicing safe ways to serve them.

Since we're all inexperienced with a pandemic, the entire management can be quite tough and slow initially, however, the right pieces of protective equipment and correct restaurant supplies will make things manageable and keep everyone safe.


Tips for Restaurants


In the corona virus times, something your customers can’t keep at stake is their health. So, as a reliable and safe restaurant, café, or bakery, you should practice every measure and incorporate that any necessary equipment to keep your customers and staff members assured for their safety.

  • Make Use Of Janitorial Supplies
  • To help avoid the transmission of COVID-19 through surface contact, frequently get all the food contact surfaces and utensils washed and sanitized. 

    You can make use of things like Total Clean Pink Hand Wash for the removal of germs from hands and Total Clean Premium Dish Wash Soap cleaners for the absolute cleaning and disinfecting of dishes. To clean various hard food contact and non-food contact that can’t be rinsed, Sanitizer Wipes for Restaurants can be the perfect solution. 

  • Take Care Of your Cleaning Staff
  • Someone that is highest prone to the attack of deadly viruses is your cleaning staff. Ensure their safety by equipping them with Disposable  Cleaning Gloves, KN-95 masks, etc.

  • Help Your Chefs Remain Safe
  • One cannot imagine a restaurant without chefs. The role of chefs in restaurants is significant. That’s why it is important to give them proper safety gear. To help your chefs cook luscious food while adhering to safety protocols provide them Food Safety Gloves for kitchen use.

  • Make Use Of Janitorial Disposables
  • With disposable cleaning supplies like Karat Paper Tower Rolls,  Karat Ply Jumbo Tissue Rolls, Karat Multifold Paper Towels you can help encourage and promote cleanliness and maintain a sanitary and safe environment for all employees and guests.



    The Government has stringent orders for people to maintain social distancing. Though it can be tough to maintain social distancing in small-sized cafes,  however, you can get this done by making rules on your level.

  • Entry To Limited People
  • In your restaurant or cafe, you can limit the entry of people. Suppose you have 10 tables in your restaurant, then, at a time, you can give your customers access to only 5 tables. Not only would this help in maintaining social distancing but it will also be a sign to your customers that you are strictly following all the national or state safety rules.

  • Incorporate Hands-Free Equipment 
  • With the spread of news that COVID-19 can be caused by touching an infected surface or object, people nowadays are inclining towards no or fewer contact things. To lean them towards your restaurant, you can incorporate automated sensor glass gates so that they don’t have to touch the handle to pull or push the gate. You can bring-in hygienic Autocut Manual Hand Towel Roll Dispenser for hand drying in the bathroom area.



    The COVID-19 outbreak has greatly affected home delivery orders, increasing them by approximately 25-30 percent and decreasing dining in by over 40 percent. At these times, when people are afraid of stepping out of homes, you have to efficiently take your services to their doorstep to keep your business survive.

  • Get Set With To-Go Packaging
  • Your restaurant staff probably wouldn’t have handled such a giant number of food delivery orders. As they haven't experienced such a situation before, thus, it is likely that they wouldn’t be using the right packaging materials that can help them work efficiently.

    So, to increase their speed and help them handle a big number of food delivery orders you must ensure that they have durable and solid To Go Containers, To Go Boxes, and To-Go Bags. Also, make sure, they have everything from fold-to-go boxes, custom printing, Chinese food boxes, deli containers, plastic cups, paper cups cutlery kits, and much more.



  • Give Proper Personal Protective Equipment and Gear (PPE) To Food Delivery Workers
  • Your food delivery workers are a representation of your restaurant in front of your customers. Your customers are likely to relate your restaurant’s hygiene with the safety equipment of your delivery workers and front end staff.

    So, to ensure the safety and hygiene of your delivery boys you must equip them with food handling gloves, KN-95 Masks, safety badges, sanitizers, and other protective gear.

  • Teach Safety Measures To Food Delivery Workers
  • There are certain safety measures that your food delivery workers should ensure. Like:

    • Ask your delivery person to keep the food order at a distance and not directly hand it over to your customer.  Practice contact-less delivery. 
    • Ask them to avoid touching unnecessary surfaces.
    • Ask them to not touch their face, mouth which can be the hot spots for virus and bacteria to spread.
    • Ask them to frequently change gloves and dispose of used gloves.

  • Fix the Packaging - Deals With Eco-Friendly Boxes
  • In this COVID 19 times when food ordering deals are at a peak, many restaurants are recklessly packaging food in any casual containers. Neither are they deliberating about their quality nor are they concerned about their impacts on nature.  You can create a difference by delivering food items in Biodegradable Take Out Boxes and Biodegradable Food Containers.


     As a responsible citizen of our country, you have to do everything to control the spread of the disease and keep the nation safe from the corona virus.

    Besides serving your part in the well being of our country, you have to come with a fool-proof plan to rebuild that status and regain that prominence of your restaurant business.


    In these hard times, for your various restaurant supply needs, you can get back to your reliable and steadfast partner Restaurant Supply Drop.

    We understand how important hygiene is in any restaurant, café, or bakery. So, we have brought for you an extensive commercial range of cleaning chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing your restaurant or café, to-go packaging items, safety equipment, and your daily restaurant supplies.

    Visit Restaurant Supply Drop today to meet with your food packaging and hygiene requirements without compromising your budget.

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