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Looking to stock up on non-dairy milk?  Now’s the time with Pacific Barista Promo!  From now until February 14, 2019 you can take advantage of Pacific Barista Series promotion of buy 5 get 1 free.  

Pacific Barista Series Oat Milk Sale.  Also available on soy, almond, soy, hemp rice, coconut, vanilla, and non dairy creamer.

Pacific milk is used in coffee shops across the country. Restaurant Supply Drop delivers all your favorites types of non-dairy milk to cafes from New York to San Diego. 

Non Dairy Milk Flavors

Oat Milk - Taste the sweet flavor of oats while not being overly strong and taking away from the taste of your specialty drinks.  A fan favorite in coffee houses around the country.

Almond Milk - Enjoy the lite flavor of almonds in all of your favorite coffee drinks.  One of the top selling non-dairy milks for Baristas, this popular item is sure to please your customers.

Coconut Milk - A hint of coconut works well with all the different speciality coffee drinks and blends very nicely!  This tropical blend is becoming more popular among coffee connoisseurs.

Rice Milk - Created using Pacific’s classic creamy taste and a very light, ever so slight sweetness of rice is sure to keep your customers happy and coming back day after day.

Soy Milk - Soy is our most adaptable flavor, since it takes the flavor of the beverage you’re adding it to, you can better highlight the flavors in espresso and cappuccinos.

Hemp Milk - Hemp milk has a cream texture with a nut flavor to compliment your coffee beverages.  This is of course made out of hemp seed and provides lots of nutrients.

Pacific’s Barista is designed specifically for pro baristas in America’s coffee shops.  Their line of non-dairy milk come in all the favorite varieties, providing a great taste for all coffee speciality drinks.

All of these coffee shop milks can handle the heat from coffees and teas, plus have a fine texture that’s ideal for coffeehouses.  We have everything from Almond Milk to Soy Milk. Restaurant Supply Drop is a leading wholesale supplier of Pacific Barista Series and Barista Milk Substitutes.  We have all your customers favorite types so you can count on us as your one stop shop for all your coffee shop supplies.

With the February promo you can stock up on all your milk needs.  How to use the promo code PACIFIC now through February 14, 2019 to receive a buy 5 get 1 free offer on Pacific Barista’s Non Dairy Milk and Hemp Milks.

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