Our New Products: Chocolate Wafer Sticks and Chocolate Straws

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Chocolate wafer sticks for wholesale orders.We’re proud to announce one of our newest additions…

Tea Zone Chocolate Straws and Chocolate Wafer Sticks! These are the perfect add-on sale for coffee shops, compliment desserts nicely, and can we sold as an individual unit for a fantastic margin.  Cafe’s across the country are carrying chocolate wafer sticks because customers love them! For some people they enjoy the sweet and crunchy taste without coffee, for others, it’s fun to dip them into a hot coffee.

Chocolate Straws perfect for coffee shops & premium beverages

We have one variety of chocolate straws, and boy are they a fan favorite!  Kids and adults both love these.  This is a great way to create an exciting experience for customers and keep them coming back for more.  These chocolate straws have an outer wafer layer that provides a crunchy shell.  These are individually wrapped allowing for easy resale or as a nice cash register add-on item. These are very popular with coffee shops and others serving premium beverages across the country.

Wrapped Chocolate Wafer Straws.  Perfect for cafes, ice cream shops, and premium beverage add-ons.

3 Varieties of Chocolate Wafer Sticks: Chocolate, Cappuccino, and Strawberry

Cappuccino Chocolate Wafer Sticks

We carry a few different varieties, with the first being our Chocolate Wafer Sticks, these are both popular with coffeehouses and as an addition to a dessert.  Many fine establishments will serve these alongside a main dessert, for example with a slice of cheesecake. Our Cappuccino Wafer Sticks have a nice sweet chocolate taste mixed with a robust cappuccino coffee taste.  Finally our Strawberry Wafer Sticks are something that are a fine treat that provides a strawberry chocolate taste that will leave customers coming back for more.  Any of these are a sure fire way to create a fun flavor experience!  Take your pick for which one is right for you or choose all three.

Dessert & Coffee Shop Add-on Products

These are a great add-on product for coffee houses because you can up-sell customers for $1, when the wafer sticks only cost $.0557 each -- that’s less than 6 cents each.  Our Chocolate straws are still cost effective, but a little more expensive coming in at $.105 - under 11 cents each. With margins like that, it’s easy to put these by the cash register and charge $1 for a fun product that will keep customers coming back for more.  With our chocolate wafer sticks and chocolate straws creating a fun experience, with a delicious taste, and fantastic margins, you can't afford not to add these to your store!

Strawberry Chocolate Wafer Sticks


Full Service Tea Zone Distributor

These are manufactured by Tea Zone, they’re a leader in dessert products, coffee shop supplies, and boba supplies.  We are a full service wholesale Tea Zone Distributor, carrying every product they manufacture. If you need Tea Zone products in bulk, then Restaurant Supply Drop is your single source provider!

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