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Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll on the entire world. Besides just upsetting the economy, it has obstructed the growth of various businesses. As we all know, restaurants and coffee shops have been hit exceptionally hard. The destruction of these businesses is beyond what most people realize.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, restaurant owners and coffee shop owners experience a sharp decrease in customers’ visiting their restaurants and cafes. Despite following every preventive guideline of Covid-19, they are unable to bring their business back on track.

As the wholesale catering supplies supplier, we recognize the terrible condition of many big and small restaurants. To help such restaurant owners, we have come up with a few tips. Utilizing the information given below makes it likely for a restaurant or a coffee shop business to survive and eventually get on track again.

Ensure the Safety Practices At Your Restaurant

In this Covid-19 pandemic, customers checks for the restaurant’s safety practices before eating. To stand firm on your customers’ expectations, ensure all your employees wear masks and gloves, disinfect high-touch surfaces, and practice social distancing. We can’t stress enough how important it is to be stocked and prepared with your restaurant PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - from standard face masks to KN-95 masks for servers.  Also ensure, your restaurant has adequate ventilation, tables and chairs are set apart, payments are made online, and the menu is disposable.

Besides this, arrange to check customers’ temperature, sanitize their hands, and ask customers to cover their faces.  Some of these safety measures depend on your thoughts and individual set up.

Ensure Safe Methods While Coming into Contact with suppliers

When you buy restaurant supplies and disposable catering supplies, and other stuff from a supplier for your restaurant, ensure you use contactless drop-off methods.  Luckily we deliver everything right to your doorstep, enabling you to focus on your business.

Don’t Forget To Create a Strong Social Media Presence for Your Restaurant

During Covid-19, we all have to be innovative in connecting with our customers.  Making attempts to stand out, reminding them of your safety protocols, and just overall staying in touch with your customers to remind them to visit your cafe or restaurant. Make sure your customers get to know that you’re following every precautionary guideline.

To do this, create a strong social media presence by being active on various social media platforms and posts pictures that portray the measures you take to counteract coronavirus.  Show your employees safety measures to instill confidence.  Be open and honest about the challenges our industry is facing. 

Handle To-Go Packaging Safely  and Accurately

Make sure you and your team handle the to-go packaging and disposable catering supplies very carefully. Never forget to wear gloves and sanitize hands before picking, placing, or delivering the food items.  Keep in mind that customers may feel more comfortable with employees, not just in masks but in KN-95 masks that offer the most protection.  Not only would this help keep them safe, but it would also transmit a message to your customers that you’re following all the guidelines.

Incorporate Automatic equipment in your Restaurant

One of the significant reasons for spreading Coronavirus is touching the surfaces of more than one person. You should incorporate automatic gates, automatic handwashing machines, and automatic coffee machine in your restaurant to control the spread. By doing so, your customers will understand how cautious you are towards it and are, in all ways, trying to prevent the spread.

So, these were some of the tips restaurants and coffee shops should utilize to get their business back on track.

If you want even better information on these tips, you can directly contact us. Restaurant Supply Drop is a supplier of wholesale restaurant supplies and disposable catering supplies. We collaborate with many such restaurant and coffee shop businesses and bring you more ideas to boom your business even during the Covid 19 outbreak.

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