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Ever realized what impact plastic disposable have on the environment and water bodies?  If not, then we’ll help you see the bigger picture of what catastrophe plastic induces on mother earth and why plastic disposables should be replaced with bio-degradable disposable.

There is a host full of purposes for which plastic disposables are used in the restaurant realm, from serving to packing food.

Every year a billion pounds of plastic waste are generated by the restaurant industry, of which only a small percentage gets recycled. This leads to the release of toxic chemicals into the air, causing potential problems to flora and fauna and inducing public health hazards.

Hence, it becomes imperative for restaurants to turn to disposable catering supplies to save the environment and the planet.

Biodegradable Catering Supplies: A Better Alternative To Plastic

Before you think that biodegradable catering supplies might not work well for your café or restaurant or may incur extra costs to you, then wait!

All your doubts, delusions, qualms, and misconceptions will vanish by understanding the benefits of disposable catering supplies given below:

Safer For Environment

One of the apparent benefits of using biodegradable catering supplies is that they are safe for the environment. Biodegradable or compostable plates, biodegradable bowls, biodegradable disposable coffee cups are nature-friendly and do not leave behind any toxic chemicals or residues.

Hassle-Free Composting

One of the most significant advantages that come up with the use of biodegradable disposable restaurant catering supplies includes easy composting. You can have your compost bin where you can directly toss the biodegradable disposable plates, biodegradable disposable coffee cups, and other biodegradable kitchen disposables. However, make sure you remove the residues before dropping the disposable into the compost bin.  Please make sure to check the specific items to make sure they’re compostable at home.

Saves Energy

Biodegradable disposable and other catering supplies require less energy for production as compared to non-biodegradable disposables. Moreover, the material used in making biodegradable catering supplies are renewable and do not deplete the earth’s natural resources. Other than this, these catering supplies reduce the amount of carbon footprint.

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Researches indicate that chemicals released through non-biodegradable disposable cause various health problems that include endocrine problems, hormonal imbalance, metabolic problems, and more.

Unlike the plastic disposables that release harmful chemical agents like Bisphenol when they come into contact with hot food, biodegradable disposable does not impact food quality.

A Host Full of Products

From disposable coffee cups to biodegradable plates and from compostable paper food containers to eco-compostable straws, you can find anything and everything made from biodegradable material for your restaurant business.

Final Words

Now that you know the benefits of choosing biodegradable disposable catering supplies over non-biodegradable catering supplies for your restaurant start utilizing eco-friendly catering supplies today.  If you are looking for the best quality biodegradable restaurant catering supplies for your restaurant or café, look no further than Restaurant Supply Drop.

We deliver biodegradable plates, bowls, coffee cups, and other food containers at wholesale rates whole across the country!  We’re your single source for bulk biodegradable food packaging. As we take wholesale orders for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and food trucks, we’re able to deliver the best economical prices for our environmental-friendly paper products.  So you can shop assured that you’re getting the best price possible.

Moreover, you can also contact us for disposable catering supplies, coffee shop supplies, biodegradable catering supplies, custom catering supplies, bubble or boba tea supplies and equipment, and more. For more information, or to know more about the products, visit our website today.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes only. To get more information on the benefits of biodegradable catering supplies, contact the certified professional at Restaurant Supply Drop.

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