Paper Straws - Karat Earth 10.25" Giant Paper Spiral Straws (7mm) Wrapped - Blue & White (1,200 ct)

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Karat Earth Giant Blue and white spiral paper straws are a fun eco-friendly way to sip on a beverage. Customers will love their whimsical spiral creating a cute and fun drinking experience.

UPC Code Case: 814756025053

UPC Code Item: 814756025060

Units Sold By: 1,200 (4pcs per box / 300 boxes per case)


    • Color: Blue & White
    • Type: Giant Straws
    • Material: Paper
    • Diameter: 7 mm
    • Available in: Giant sizes
    • Wrapper: Paper
    • Size: 10.25 inches
    • Units Sold By: 1,200 (4pcs per box / 300 boxes per case)


Karat Earth eco-friendly products are a great step toward protecting the environment. Karat Earth offers cups, food containers, utensils, and more, all of which are made from renewable resources. Select Karat Earth products are BPI certified compostable in industrial facilities. Stock printed products are available to help you promote your eco-friendly efforts. Plain products are also available and are perfect for custom printing. Karat Earth offers a variety of plastic products made from PLA, a plastic made from renewable resources. It also carries products made from bagasse, which is an excellent foam alternative. These products are very sturdy, reliable and will demonstrate your commitment to helping the environment.

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