Karat 7" Foil Laminated Paper Board Lids for Foil Containers

  • $25.75
  • Save $3.25

Our foil laminated flat lids are a great bulk food packaging option for our aluminum foil take-out containers.​ These 7" foil laminated paper board lids allow you to securely store leftover food for your 7" foil take-out containers (sold separately). The foil laminate is on one side to keep food warm, while the other side is plain white. These bulk paper ​board lids for to-go containers can easily be stacked. Take advantage of Restaurant Supply Drop's everyday wholesale pricing and custom printing​

UPC Code: 8147506021031

Units Sold By: Cas 500 lids


  • Material: Foil Laminated Paper Board
  • Diameter: 7"
  • Matching Container: AF-CR07
  • Units Sold By: Case 500 lids (125pcs per sleeve / 4 sleeves per case)

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