Bubble Tea Cups 30oz PP Flat Rim Extra Wide Cold Cups (120mm) - 500 count-Karat

Bubble Tea Cups 30oz PP Flat Rim Extra Wide Cold Cups (120mm) - 500 count

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Take advantage of Restaurant Supply Drop's everyday wholesale pricing​​. Our sealable AO/flat rimmed extra wide PP cold cups are designed to be covered with Karat 120mm sealing film, popular in bubble tea shops. Our PP cups are extremely durable, BPA free, and recyclable. These bulk plastic cups are made for tea zone boba, sodas, pops, or iced coffees.

Sealable Bubble Tea Cups: Case 600 cups

Sealable Bubble Tea Cups:

  • 30oz - 900cc
  • AO/Flat Rim - Extra Wide
  • Width:120mm
  • Color: Clear
  • Other Sizes:25oz and 30oz
  • Lids:C3002
  • Sealing Films:C7035 and C7016
  • Sealable Bubble Tea Cups: Case 500 cups (50pcs per sleeve / 10 sleeves per case)

Wholesale Bubble Tea Cup Supplies Distributor

Bubble Tea Cups are needed in bubble tea shops and juice shops across the country. Restaurant Supply Drop is a leading provider of beverage supplies and boba tea items, we have all the specialty items you need:Plastic Cold Cups, Plastic Cup Sealing Machine, Beverage Napkins, Jelly Drink & Dessert Toppings, Bubble Tea Straws, Boba Tapioca Pearls, and Popping Pearls.

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