Compostable Paper Straws - 7.75" Giant (7mm) Straws - Karat Earth Paper Wrapped - Kraft (2,000 ct)

  • $69.50
  • Save $9.50

Looking for an eco-friendly straw option?  Our Karat Earth giant straws are compostable and perfect for any establishment looking for an eco-friendly straw option.  These are individually wrapped in paper, which aids in keeping your establishment sanitary.  Not only can you minimize your carbon footprint, but you can let your customers know in the process.   Each straw wrapper is printed to let your customers know they're using a sustainable and compostable option.  The kraft color helps to distinguish itself from plastic straws and accentuates the eco-friendly paper.  You can use these for anything, including shakes and juices.

  • Size 7.75”
  • Made from eco-friendly Kraft Paper
  • Tailored to environmental conscious customers and businesses
  • Perfect for heavy drinks like shakes, juices, or smoothies
  • Each case has 2,000 paper straws (500 straws in each box and four boxes per case)

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