C&H Pure Cane Yellow D Dark Brown Sugar, 50 lbs-Restaurant Supply Drop

C&H Pure Cane Yellow D Dark Brown Sugar, 50 lbs

  • $40.25
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  • Pure Cane Yellow D
  • Dark Brown Sugar
  • Contains no beet sugar
  • Kosher
  • 50 lb bag

To create flavor that's deep, rich, and real, use only C&H Dark Brown Sugar. It's 100% pure cane sugar and, like golden brown, naturally brown all the way through. Brown cane sugar is a natural combination of sugar and molasses, refined without any added colorings, flavorings or coatings. Formed using the traditional method of crystallization, each C&H brown sugar crystal is brown all the way through. If cane sugar is not specified on the label, the sugar may be beet sugar. What beet sugar makers call brown sugar starts out as white sugar crystals that are then sprayed with a brown coating. Often the center of the crystal remains white and the brown molasses coating can be rubbed off in your hands. Not exactly what you want when you go to the effort of baking something fresh from scratch!


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