9''x6'' 2 Compartments Hinged Take Out Boxes- 2 Compartment Clamshell Containers - Karat PP Plastic - 250 count

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2 compartment clamshell food containers are made to hold an entrée and a side dish. Their size is big enough to hold a full entrée, along with either a side dish or appetizer.  The 9x6 divided hinged containers are frequently used for takeout and deliveries. These are made out of PP plastic, easily stacked, and super durable.  We have a variety of different sizes and styles of clamshell takeout containers.


UPC Code: 810009919940

Units Sold By: Case 250 containers


  • Size: 9"x6"
  • Color: clear
  • Compartments: 2
  • Available Sizes: 6''x6'', 8''x8'', 9''x9'' and more
  • Units Sold By: Case 250 containers (125 pieces per pack / 2 packs per case)

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